WTC membership forms are available from this website, or, the Wolfville Town Hall, or the Recreation Office at 7 Victoria Avenue. There are special days at the Club for membership and lesson sign-ups. Please watch our Calendar of Events on this website.

  Or contact any of the Club executive for more detailed information.

  Memberships can be paid for in several ways:

  1) go to the secure "Payments" section of this website and select the membership category you wish to purchase. Follow the secure checkout procedure and use your credit card or debit card. A receipt will be emailed to you. Please remember to fill out the appropriate Membership or Lessons form below, then hit "Send" when complete.

  2) Payments can also be made by cheque. Send the payment and appropriate membership form to Wolfville Tennis Club, P.O. Box 2591, 7 Victoria Ave., Wolfville, NS, B4P 1A0. 

  3) Bring cheque or cash to the special sign-up days at the Club.

  For more information, contact the Membership Chair at her email address:  If you are renewing a membership, you do not have to fill out the application form below. Simply go to the "payments" and select the appropriate category.  If you are new to the club, please complete the membership form and hit the "Send" button in order for the application to reach the club data centre.  The form can be downloaded or printed and mailed to the club. Mailing address found on the "Club Contacts" page.

Annual Family Membership $70

Annual calendar year membership for any family unit of two adults and children under the age of 18 years. Adult members enjoy full privileges of individual adult memberships. Membership year is Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.

Annual Adult Membership $35

Individuals 18 years & older for the calendar year 2017. Membership includes access to tournaments, club lessons, ball machine, exclusive club programs, and a key to court lights. Membership year is Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.

Annual Junior Membership $20

Individuals under the age of 18 years for the calendar year 2017. Junior members have access to all junior lessons, junior tournaments and Tennis Nova Scotia events for junior players. Juniors may take part in senior events with prior permission of the Club executive. Membership year is Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.

Annual Student Membership $20

Individuals attending recognized public or private education programs fulltime. Membership is on a calendar year basis.

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  An important priority of the WTC is to provide effective, enjoyable and reasonably priced lessons for juniors age 6-16 years. The Club also provides access to individual lessons for adult members who are new to tennis, or, perhaps planning a comeback or improvement to their game.

  Each year the WTC hires a trained tennis instructor to provide these junior lessons during July/August period. Adults can request lessons in these or other months by contacting the club instructor.

  Depending on the age, ability and number of registrants, lessons will range from 45-75 minutes daily, Monday through Friday. For rally-ready students, the instructor also provides a ladder session each afternoon for about 90 minutes of games and fun. The group lessons are available by two-week blocks, or, two-month blocks. See below for details.

  All junior lessons require a junior membership (either individual or through a family membership), plus the appropriate lessons fee. See below for more details.

  Lessons can be paid for by credit or debit card at the "Payments" section of this website. Cheques can be mailed to WTC Junior Co-ordinator Dave Lang at Box 299, Port Williams, B0P1T0, or, brought to the special registration days noted on our events calendar.

  Please complete the lessons form below and hit "Send" button for the application to be received by the club. Payments can be made online by going to the "Payments" page and selecting the appropriate lessons package to purchase. You may use a credit card or debit card for secure online payments to the club. A receipt will be email to you.  

Two-Week Junior Lesson Block $50 for each block

Students can be registered for any two-week period or combination of two-week periods in the summer. For example, students can begin their lessons with a two-week block in early July, then go away for one month and then return for a second, or third two-week block. 

Two-Month Junior Lessons Block $150 for July-August

Students will receive continuous instruction and stimulation throughout the summer holiday period. Students may miss a week or two without reducing the effectiveness of the lesson package.

Individual & Group Adult Lessons

Adults can arrange individual or group lessons by contacting the instructor directly and making arrangements for time and cost. Individual lessons can be $25-$30 per 1-hour session, while group lessons of a minimum of three persons range between $10-$15 per person.

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