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Wolfville Tennis Club

7 Victoria Avene

P.O. Box 2591

Wolfville, Nova Scotia


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    WTC Executive:

    President:                       Boyd Jagoe

    Past President:           Bob Hainstock


    Vice-President:                    Dave Lang

    Secretary:                     Wil Van Gestel

    Treasurer:                          Alan Miller

    Membership:                  Beth McPhee

    Junior Development:         Dave Lang

    Member-at-Large:        Scott Aikman

    Member-at-Large:           Lars Kampe




    Tournaments / Rules:           Wilson Lu

    Website:                           Bob Hainstock

    Equipment / Facilities:   Scott Aikman

    Singles Ladder League  Diana Baldwin

    Ball Machine:                           Jun Song

    Inter Club:                       Bob Hainstock

    Men's / Ladies' Nights:          Dave Lang

    Pro Instructor                     Gabe Girard



    Free Introductory Lessons For Tennis

    Adults in the region are being offered free beginners lessons for tennis. The group lessons will be taught June 28 and 30, with two groups each night at 6 and 7 p.m.. The program is being co-ordinated by provincially accredited instructors from the Wolfville Tennis Club and will take place on the courts at Rotary Park in Wolfville.

    Group lessons for new players will also be held in July, with six evenings of lessons for a small fee of $60 per player.

    Racquets can be provided. Non-marking shoes are required.

    “Tennis is one of the most socially enjoyable activities for adults and also has huge long-term health benefits according to several international studies,” says Boyd Jagoe, president of the WTC, which has been sponsoring these free teaching clinics for several years.

    “We have seen a fantastic upgrading and expansion of Valley tennis facilities in the past decade, but also know that everyone enjoys tennis so much more if they get proper instruction at the start.”

    Individuals should indicate interest by emailing the WTC at: Please indicate your name, age, and email and phone contact information. Also indicate whether you wish to be included in the same group as other friends, family, or neighbors.

    The start times and group size will depend on the number of players who register. Everyone will receive approximately 90-120 minutes of group instruction during the two weeks.

    President Jagoe emphasized that participants do not have to be members of the tennis club, or reside in a particular area of the county. He also announced that the WTC would offer progressive low-cost group lessons through the summer, to new players or players who have been away from the game for many years and wish to brush up on techniques and tactics.


    • For further information, contact:
      Boyd Jagoe, 
      Bob Hainstock,