Gabe Is Back For Second Season

Wolfville Tennis Club is pleased to announce that Gabriel (Gabe) Girard is back as our Summer Instructor for 2018.  His primary responsibility will again be the junior development program through July-August, but will also assist the club on its area school visitations in June with Tennis Nova Scotia staff, as well as an After School Lesson program in June, and working with the club executive on various administrative tasks.

Gabe Gabe is a multi-sport athlete, with tennis, hockey, soccer and cross-country skiing being his main interests. He has played and taken tennis lessons since age 8, and also attended various tennis camps in British Columbia and received personal instruction from national level coaches. 

Gabe moved to the Wolfville area in 2016 from the Okanagan Valley where his father was a senior ag research scientist with the federal government. He is bilingual and possesses a generous and enthusiastic personality for working with both young and older tennis players.  Gabe is entering his third year at Acadia University's environmental sciences program. He had completed a first year of engineering at University of Victoria prior to moving to Nova Scotia. 


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Gabe Girard Will Be Summer Instructor

Bob Hainstock receives the official Wolfville Tennis Club executive moving box from 2016 out-going president Lars Kampe. 

New Occupants in WTC Oval Office

Some changes in the WTC executive suite, effective January, 2017. Because of personal commitments in 2017, Lars Kampe has stepped down as President, with Vice-president Bob Hainstock stepping up to fill the remaining term.

Lars will continue as Past President, while Dave Lang will handle vice-president duties for the term. Past president Diana Baldwin volunteered to fill one of the Member-at-Large board positions. 

Randall Balcom will continue as Secretary, and Steve Cauthers as Treasurer. Scott Aikman will also continue as a Member-at-Large.

Members interested in serving their Club during its 40th Anniversary year should contact Bob Hainstock. There are lots of jobs -- big and small -- to be done over the next few years.

Singles Ladder League

The Wolfville Tennis Club is running a singles league again this year. It was very well received last year. Players are placed in groups of 4 or 5 players of similar playing level and play a round robin format within their group.

Players are given a time frame, usually one month, in which to complete their matches.  At the end of each round players either move up to the next group or down according to their results.

Each match consists of 2 sets, with the winner of each set getting 10 points and their opponent allocated points equal to the number of games won in the set. If Player "A" wins the first set 6-4 and Player "B" wins the second set 6-1, then Player "A" gets 10pts+1pt=11 points, and Player "B" receives 10pts + 4pts = 14pts. In a tie break, the winner receives 10 pts and the loser gets 6 pts.

Points are totalled at the end of each round robin.

WTC Adapts New Logo For Anniversary 

The Wolfville tennis Club has adopted a new club logo during its 40th Anniversary year. The logo was recommended by the 40th Anniversary Committee after receiving opinions from members on four new options, as wellas the option to retain the existing club logo.

The new logo was developed from the new Town of Wolfville logo that was part of a new identity and re-branding campaign for the town. The tennis club asked the town for permission to use the contemporary image and colors in its own adaptation.

The new WTC logo will be a strong part of the club's communication with potential juniors wishing to take tennis lessons this summer. The T-shirts will be used as prizes and incentives for juniors.

The new logo will also be available on adult club shirts, hats and visors. Members will soon be able to order and pay for these screen printed and embroidered items from the WTC online store. 

Watch the website store for photos and more details.  

Some Evidence Of A Good Time For All Ages At The Blossom Tournament

Sid MacIsaac of Truro, under the hoodi, talks with host Karen Lycan at the Saturday evening soical event.  That's Boyd Jagoe caught sneaking another hot dog.

Lots of roasted hot dogs Saturday night as Dave Lang and Karen Lycan again hosted a Saturday night social as part of the WTC tournaments. Seated around the fire pit are Wilson Lu's wife and daughter, Yolanda and Selina, Eva MacIsaac, Judy Hainstock, and Diane Baldwin.

Another pair of socks for Dave Humphreys and Yunsong Cui after battling for the Apple Blossom Men's Singles title. Yunsong is the champ for 2017.

The WTC's,  Men With Mops, are back for another season.  Helping get the courts ready for Apple Blossom Tournament are (left to right) Gabe, Dave, Roy, Terry, Nick, Darcy, Boyd, Wilson, and Bob

The debate rages on between the male experts on domestic scrubbing and cleaning. Some say mops are the best way to clean baked-in dirt. Others say a good push broom will do the trick.  What do you say?

The crew from the Town of Wolfville were again on hand to provide powerful court rinsing from their fire hoses.