Happy 40th Anniversary Wolfville Tennis Club

It was a good day for tennis in Rotary Park.

We honored our longest-serving members and early founders. We watched four mayors prove that anyone can laugh and play tennis at the same time. We applauded when Wolfville mayor Jeff Cantwell confirmed that resurfacing of the tennis courts is on for next year. We shared our great Anniversary cake with everyone, including the soccer players and their fans.  We watched top junior players scare us with their speed and power. We filled our smiling faces with good grub and hot coffee.

It was a good day for tennis in Rotary Park

(left) Lars Kampe, left, WTC Past President and an original member of the club since 1977, looks on as his father, Cornelius Kampe receives an Honorary Life Membership from WTC V-P, Dave Lang. Cornelius was the first elected president of the club. Also applauding the honor is Karen Lycan, centre, another 40-year member. Also recognized as an original partner in the 1977 creation of a tennis club and tennis courts were the Rotary Club of Wolfville represented by President, Steve Peters, and the Town of Wolfville, represented by Mayor Jeff Cantwell.  (right) Ilse Kampe steps forward to receive her "40-Love Award" in recognition of being an original member of WTC, but also her service as President for at least six terms. Presenting the award is president, Bob Hainstock.

(Left) Gary and Jennie Bustin were among 15 individuals receiving "40-Love Awards" from WTC President, Bob Hainstock, for outstanding service from the earliest years of the club. Other award recipients at the 40th Anniversary Celebrations included Scott Aikman, Alan Deacon, Linda Eyre, Mike Townsend, Bruce and Heather Wellwood, Jane and David Mangle, Bill Wagstaff and Bev Harrison.  (Right)  Some of the award recipients line up on centre court, shortly before the unveiling of the new sign on the north fence, proclaiming "Home Of The Wolfville Tennis Club -- Since 1977". The sign was unveiled by Mayor Jeff Cantwell and Rotary president Steve Peters.

(Left) Berwick Mayor Don Clarke, left, and Kentville Mayor Sandra Snow, right, enjoy the infectious good will of Wolfville Mayor Jeff Cantwell at the cake cutting. (Centre) Big smiles from Anne MacKinnon and Guy Chamberlain as they laid out the early snacks. (Right) Chef Judy Hainstock, left, and 40th Anniversary Committee chair, Pam Hickman get ready for the noon-hour rush. All burgers, hot dogs and buns were donated by Deputy Mayor, Carl Oldham of Carl's Independent Grocer, Wolfville. Thanks to the Oldhams.

(Left) Ilse Kampe, left, shows Nicole Corbett some of the 1977 tournament draws, the WTC's first. Ilse is the Club Archevist. (Centre) Pam Hickman, left, chair of the 40th Anniversary Committee, works with Vicki Matthews, of Just Us Coffee who provided complimentary coffee throughout the day. (Right) Gloria Simpson was another invaluable member of the 40th Anniversary team, and demonstrating the portable sound system borrowed from the Town.

It did not look like Party weather at 9 a.m. July 8, and only a little better at 10 a.m. But there was optimism and lots of hard work to get the courts clean and clear for the exhibition match at 11 a.m. (Left) Dave Lang, left, and John MacManaman worked Court#3. (Centre) Lars Kampe pushes the club's very important scrapper/squeegee on the other courts. (Right) Nicole Corbett, left, gets club stories from Maggie Williams. 

(Left) The Bar-B-Q Chefs for the day were Roy Grant, left, and Judy Hainstock, right, who together put out over 150 hamburgers and hot dogs for members, former members and guests. Thanks to Nick Paul and Roy for the use of their gear.  Over Roy's shoulder, Peter Baldwin congratulates Scott Aikman (sunglasses) on his 40-Love Award. (Right) An example of the "40-Love Award" given to members who helped build the club in its early years. 

(Left & Right) Old tennis racquets dating back almost 100 years were hanging from the Rec Centre ceiling. Veteran member Dennis Boucher has collected almost 40 of them over the years and some were recalled to active duty at a special tournament in Halifax in July. No word on how the old strings held out. Thanks for the memories, Dennis.

(Left) Fans of Kentville Mayor Sandra Snow enjoy her vivid description of how she and her partner, Kings County Mayor, Peter Muttart, with racquet, plan to attack the Wolfville-Berwick team of Mayors Cantwell and Clarke. (Right) Mayor Snow hustles to get a low volley return.

The Four Mayors -- (Left) Mayor Sandra Snow, Kentville, serves and partner, Kings County Mayor Peter Muttart, charges to cut off the return. (Centre) Wolfville Mayor, Jeff Cantwell, prepares a well placed serve. (Right) Berwick Mayor, Don Clarke, provide good form in his first serve.  

(Left) The Celebrity-seeking Paparazzi were out in full force on July 8 as dozens of cameras captured every word and gesture of their fun-loving Mayors. (Right) The picture of our Anniversary Cake says it all.

(Left) The local stars of tomorrow had their time on court following an exhibition by top provincial juniors,Lauch McDonough and Niket Sampeli. (Right) The alleged stars of yesterday posed in front of the new sign at centre court which reads: "Home Of The Wolfville Tennis Club --Since 1977". This group of six is part of an informal group of up to 16 older players who are part of a Tuesday-Thursday Doubles Tradition. They are: Richard Davies, Dennis Boucher, Dave Lang, Boyd Jagoe, Wally Humphreys, and Dave Newcomer.


(Left) Long time members, Dennis Boucher and Betsy Davison swap club stories. Behind them, Fred Young chats with founding members Alan Deacon, Linda Eyre and Mike Townsend. (Centre) Fred Young visits with Anne McKinnon and her big brother, Frank Hazel. (Right) Old jocks from other sports have proven that anyone can play tennis. Former Axeman linebacker, Roy Grant, receives an example of a typical hockey volley from former defenceman, Bob Hainstock.