Women's Singles Champion, Lacey Brown, with her doubles partner and father, Steve, and 2016 President, Lars Kampe.

Scott Aikman and Bill Trueman won the Men's 55+ Doubles. Scott accepts the trophy from 2016 President Lars Kampe.

Acadia University had its own women's tennis team, and a court just outside the Ladies Seminary building

Acadia's tennis team 1930-31. Back row: M. Eaton, D. Crease, G. Phinney, C. Harlow, E. Ingraham, J. Young. Front row: R. Laurence, D. Allen, E. Barnes, L. Fraser (mgr.), M. deWitt, M. Kenna, and H. Cox

Linda Eyre and Alan Deacon were important founding members and Past Presidents who helped build and shape the WTC for many decades. Photo taken in 1987.

A gathering of long time members in 1995, including Past President Brian Boutilier and Linda Nette, back row; and Andy Nette and Past President Cornelius Kampe, front row. 

A couple of our younger founding members, Lars Kampe, left, and Scott Aikman, right, showing the styles of 1985. Scott would serve as President a few years later, and Lars would serve as President almost 30 years later.

Netting was used for part of the surrounding court fences when the two original courts were built in 1977.

Tennis Nova Scotia helped the WTC gets its junior instruction programs successfuly started early in the Club's history. This group lesson in 1984. 

- Club History          

- 40 Years Of Leadership

- 40 Years of Photos

Wolfville Tennis History
Wolfville tennis has existed in various names, shapes and sizes since the late 1800s. It has been an important part of athletic excellence at Acadia University, a strong supporting presence for other clubs in the Annapolis Valley, and hard-working partner within the Nova Scotia tennis communities.
From the Acadia University archives, we get the first snapshots of local and regional tennis: "Tennis was popular in Wolfville with both residents and students. In the late 1800s, students at Acadia, Horton and the Ladies Seminary had the use of courts on campus. For the young ladies of the Sem, tennis played on the court just outside their building, was one of the few sports they were allowed to participate in, if only in a "lady-like" fashion. "
The archives article goes on to describe the start of tournaments in 1901, and then the start of inter-collegiate competition within a decade. New clay courts were added at what is now known as Raymond Field, then replaced with two asphalt courts at the north end of the War Memorial Gymnasium. These were later replaced by two asphalt courts near Crowell Tower Residence. 
During this period, the formal club names included the popular Wolfville Lawn Tennis Club that gave way to the increasingly popular and durable hard court surfaces. 
It was forty years ago that the Wolfville Tennis Club was reborn at Rotary Park in partnership with the Town of Wolfville. The two new plexi-paved courts were built in 1977, attracting an initial membership of 57 adults and 13 juniors. Cost of membership was $10 for adults and $2 for juniors.
The courts were resurfaced and a third court added in 2007.
The first president of WTC was Bill Wagstaffe, appointed by the founding board members, with Dr. Cornelius Kampe becoming the first elected president in 1978. Others to serve the club as president have included Alan Deacon, Linda Eyre, Jane Mangle, Nick Pratt, Mike Townsend, Beverly Harrison, Scott Aikman, Dr. Ilze Kampe, Nick Paul, Brian Boutilier, Diana Baldwin and Lars Kampe. 
The Club has continued a strong partnership with the town, but also with the local business community and surronding tennis clubs. Trophies donated many decades ago by local businesses like Meerman's Beehive (pre-Muddy's), Herbin's Jewellers and Bearne's Drug Store are still presented each Fall at the WTC club championships.
Since its rebirth, WTC has provided instruction and encouragement to more than 500 juniors, while welcoming more than 2,500 individual adults as members at various times.
Many of our current members first joined WTC more than 20 or 30 years ago, with at least four members having been members of WTC for the entire 40-year history -- Cornelius, Ilze, and Lars Kampe, and Scott Aikman. Their volunteer spirit and leadership, year after year, has provided careful and important stewartship for a community facility.
Since its founding the Club has worked closely with the Town of Wolfville to maintain facilities and create active lifestyle opportunities for all residents of all ages. It has raised $70,000 for reinvestment with the Town in court expansion, improvements, equipment and clubhouse facilities. For a club that averages 100-130 members annually, with the lowest membership fees in the province, that capital contribution is an outstanding achievement.
Of the more than 20 towns outside Halifax that have two or more tennis courts, only half now have active clubs. Most of these clubs have adult memberships costing $75-$175 per year, compared to $35 in Wolfville. A majority of the other clubs have had new courts added or resurfaced in the past few years.
The regionalization of sports facilities in Nova Scotia, is no different for tennis. More than 71% of WTC members live in the immediate area of Wolfville, while 12% come from Port Williams area, 8% from the Canning area, and 5% from new Minas, Kentville and other areas. About 52% of membership is 55 years of age or older.
The Wolfville Tennis Club is a welcoming organization. It recognizes the importance of sharing access to a limited resource such as three courts. In the busy summer months, junior programs require approximately 40 hours of morning and afternoon court times each week, leaving 50-60 hours for public access.
Designated Club activities -- such as Men's Night, Women's Night, Mixed Night, and Tuesday-Thursday morning doubles -- require a total of 30 hours per week. That leaves 230 hours per week of full public access, including prime times in the morning, afternoon and evenings.
The annual club tournaments, provincial tournaments, inter-club visits, and junior tournaments require another 180-190 hours over a stretch of five months.
The WTC recognizes its regional responsibility to provide effective and inexpensive programs for juniors, seniors and working families. The Club understands that it must continually attract new members by welcoming and encouraging any new or uncertain faces that appear court side. 
But it also recognizes the critical importance of serving its members with timely and predictable schedules of activities. The volunteer efforts of members reflect a strong belief in their tennis club, and its practical, long-standing partnerships with the Town of Wolfville and community service clubs such as Rotary. 

Before there were the Rotary Park tennis courts in 1977, Wolfville tennis players used the Acadia University courts located where the Arena and Raymond Field facilities now stand. Yes, that's Ilze Kampe playing a rain-soaked singles game in 1974.

A 1982 photo of long time members, left to right, Dave Mangle, Jane Mangle, Bev Harrison, and Robbie Harrison. Jane and Bev later would both serve the Club as Presidents.

Ten years after the founding of WTC, the orange camper van of the Kampe family, continued to serve as a shelter and unofficial club house. Glen Cheney, seated, watches as Kate Baldwin and Jennie Bustin discuss options. 

They came from all parts of the Valley to play social and tournament games at WTC. Terry Lane, left, and partner, Dave Fuller, from Kentville Club, frequently tested their muscles at the WTC courts. 

A cartoon from an early Tennis Nova Scotia newsletter. Some things never change. 

Yes, that's real Canadian tennis. No, it's not the WTC but if you use your imagination.

2016 Mixed doubles champs Ying Zhang and Yunsong Cui, receive their trophy from President Lars Kampe. 

Danny Wilcox was one of our early junior players in 1983.

Long time members, left to right, Gary Bustin, Jennie Bustin, Cathy Cantwell, and David McKinnon  in 1995.

This is "Jazz", the Bustin's Golden Retriever who loved to retrieve balls that had gone beyond the fence or under bushes

Past President Nick Paul sits in on another of many, many, many meetings with town officials

Ingi Kampe and Ilze Kampe in 1977 at one of their many mother-daughter competitions at the Nova Scotia Open.

Club members and town staff worked together to give the courts a badly-needed mop and scrub.

Men With Court Mops challenged the stereotypical image of the male aversion to cleaning tools, in this case Bob Hainstock and Darcy Corregan.

Dave Kerr watches the Mud Creek Tournament action, while Pam Hickman welcomes out-of-towners Laura Simpkin and Darlene Brine.

Past president Lars Kampe watches his dad, Cornelius Kampe, the WTC's first elected president 40 years ago.

Bob and Judy Hainstock in mixed doubles competition

The Acadia/Wolfville tennis courts, circa 1920, located in the area of what is now a northern portion of Arena and Raymond Field. Check out the on-court fashions and the off-court, drive-in seating arrangements. 

All those having a good time, please raise their racquets

Steve Cauthers and mixed doubles partner Beth McPhee prepare for next match

Paul Steele, a Prince of tennis fan

Gord Christie and Mrs. Groucho Marx

The measure of a successful club -- volunteers 

Jun Song and a textbook serve

Visiting players, Kiloren German, Truro, and Darlene Brine, Halifax, at the Mud Creek Tournament

Yunsong Cui raises trophy for 2016 men`s 55+ title

The Bustin Family, in the very early years of the Wolfville Tennis Club: mother Jennie, son John, and father Gary.

Members of the club have many social gatherings through the year.  In the photos above, some of our women members gathered at Pan Hickman's home near Canning for a 2016 celebration. They included, left to right, Anne McKinnon, Judy Hainstock, Ilze Kampe, Karen Lycan, Maggie Williams, Gloria Simpson, Pam Hickman and Martha Paul.

WTC Leadership Since 1977

Since its founding in 1977, more than 1,000 individuals have at different times belonged to the Wolfville Tennis Club. Most, if not all, have helped out on club projects. However, the leadership and workload has remained the shared responsibility of less than 100 individuals during that time. The Club has attempted to record and recognize all past executives of WTC but still have a few missing names from our lists. We will continue searching for those names with your help.

Year     President            Vice-President        Secretary             Treasurer        Other Executive Members

1977     Bill Wagstaff*      Cornelius Kampe*     George Taylor*         n/a                * appointed

1978     Cornelius Kampe  Linda Eyre               Jeremony Forester  Ilze Kampe         Alan Deacon, Doug Murdock

1979     Linda Eyre           Eric Dumont            Jeremony Forester  Alan Deacon       Jim Perkin, Tom Mcguinness

1980     Linda Eyre           Bev Harrison           Diane Dobson         John Johnston    B. Wagstaff, A. Deacon, D. McLean

1981      Bev Harrison       Norm McGuinness    Josie Mitchell          John Johnston    D. McLean, S. Aikman, Jana Tomek

1982     Alan Deacon        Scott Aikman           Jane McConnell       John Johnston     A. Deacon, Pauline Wright, J. Tomek

1983     Scott Aikman       Jane McConnell        Jane Mangle           Norm Watts        Jana Tomek

1984     Scott Aikman       Jane Mangle            Ilze Kampe             Norm Watts        Gerald Noel

1985     Alan Deacon        Jane Mangle            Jennie Bustin          Norm Watts        Gerald Noel

1986     Jane Mangle        Nick Pratt               Mike Townsend       Norm Watts        Jane & Bob Lutes

1987     Nick Pratt            Mike Townsend       Dan Wilcox             Debbie Boutilier  Norm Watts

1988     Mike Townsend    Carolyn Gonzalves   Mary Pratt              Debbie Boutilier 

1989     Ilze Kampe          Glen Cheney            Cornelius Kampe     Debbie Boutilier   Brian Boutilier

1990     Ilze Kampe          Glen Cheney            Midge Lane            Debbie Boutilier   Bruce Wellwood, Mike Cameron

1991     Scott Aikman       Hugh Simpson         Andy Nette             Brian Boutilier      Peter Rockwell, Mike Cameron

1991 to 1995                                                      information  required

1996    Brian Boutilier      Jana Tomek             Michael Lighter       Linda Nette          Debbie Boutilier

1997    Heather Wellwood                                   information required

1998    Kevin Woodford   Mike Cameron          Janet Wyre             Chris Gillis

1999    Kevin Woodford   Mike Cameron          Janet Wyre             Chris Gillis            Brian Boutilier

2000    Kevin Woodford   Nick Paul                 Janet Wyre             Chris Gillis

2001    Nick Paul             Gail Kerr                  Janet Wyre             Betty Simpson

2002    Nick Paul             Gail Kerr                  Janet Wyre             Betty Simpson

2003    Nick Paul             Gail Kerr                  Janet Wyre             Betty Simpson

2004    Nick Paul             Gail kerr                  Janet Wyre             Paul Steele

2005    Nick Paul             Gail Kerr                  Janet Wyre             Paul Steele

2006    Nick Paul             Gail Kerr                  Janet Wyre             Paul Steele           Laura Simko

2007    Ilze Kampe           Gail Kerr                  Janet Wyre             Vincent Leung      Wally Humphreys, Lars Kampe

2008    Ilze Kampe           Gail Kerr                  Janet Wyre             Vincent Leung      Wally Humphreys, Lars Kampe

2009    Ilze Kampe           Roy Grant                Gloria Simpson       Vincent Leung       Wally Humphreys, Lars Kampe

2010     Ilze Kampe           Roy Grant                Gloria Simpson       Vincent Leung       Betsy Davison, Kate Baldwin

2011      Ilze Kampe           Karen Lycan             Gloria Simpson       Vincent Leung       Betsy Davison, RaeAnn Bekker

2012     Diana Baldwin       Karen Lycan             Gloria Simpson       Wilson Lu             Peggy Melanson

2013     Diana Baldwin       Karen Lycan             Gloria Simpson       John Simpson       Peggy Melanson

2014     Diana Baldwin       Lars Kampe              Judy Hainstock       John Simpson       Peggy Melanson, Karen Lycan

2015     Lars Kampe           Bob Hainstock          Randall Balcome     Steve Cauthers      Scott Aikman

2016     Lars Kampe           Bob Hainstock          Randall Balcome     Steve Cauthers      Scott Aikman

2017     Bob Hainstock       Dave Lang                Randall Balcome     Jun Song        S. Aikman, W. Lu, D. Baldwin, B MacPhee

2018     Bob Hainstock       Dave Lang               Randall Balcome      Jun Song      S. Aikman, W, Lu, D. Baldwin, B. MacPhee 


The WTC website welcomes old club photos and information. We'd love to have one photo of every member. Contact Bob Hainstock for further information at 902-582-3656.